Student housing is a crucial keystone for all university and college students who live far away from their homes. They are not expensive; thus, most students can afford to pay for them.

The truth is, living in a student apartment is an option for anybody, even for those who aren’t far from home. You can decide to do it to gain more exposure and insight from interacting with other students from other communities and parts of the world.

Once you've moved onto campus and have gotten an affordable apartment like Sunrise Village student housing, you'd want to establish an atmosphere of enjoyment and comfort. After all, creating a fun learning environment is essential to help you gain knowledge more effectively. Here's how to do that:

1. Ensure That You Get Quality Furniture 

It's essential that you invest in top-grade furniture to make your learning environment conducive and fun. Thus, you'd want a good study table and chair that you'll be comfortable using while reading, writing, or using your laptop. 

You wouldn't want to sit in a chair that'll cause pain in your lower back. So, you should opt for a seat that supports an upright posture as this will enable you to study for as many hours as you want.

Examples of furniture that you’d want to consider include:

  • Ergonomic Chairs: These chairs are designed to suit all people. Regardless of your height or body type, you can use an ergonomic chair so that you’ll feel at ease while you study. You can adjust the lumbar support, seat depth, headrest, seat height, and armrest to a comfortable position. When you start to feel tired, simply readjust the seat, lay your head on the headrest, and lean back until you feel refreshed and ready to resume studying.
  • Multipurpose Study Desk: This desk can help your learning experience to be fun. It has built-in shelves that you can use to store things like books or files. Additionally, certain models come with drawers where you may keep your pens, highlighters, and other supplies you might require when taking notes. Depending on the size of your room, you can purchase one with a wide surface area so that you can have space for your laptop, computer monitor, or printer. Indeed, a multifunctional desk enhances organization and allows you to stay productive and focused as you work to achieve academic success.  
  • Adjustable Standing Desk: This desk allows you to read, draw, write, or use your laptop while standing. You can adjust it to a lower position if you want to sit. And, if you’ve sat down for a long time and feel like you want to stretch your muscles, you can shift this sit-stand desk to a higher position. 

As much as these pieces of furniture should be of good quality, they don't have to be expensive. You can decide to get a second-hand desk and chair from a reliable seller.

2. Make Sure You Have A Stable Internet Connection

Since the world has gone digital, teachers and students have also embraced technology in their teaching and learning respectively. If you're in a student housing that has poor Wi-Fi connectivity or none at all, it's high time to have it installed by a reputable internet service provider.

Stable internet doesn't only create a fun learning environment, but it also makes you more content and psychologically settled because you won’t be left behind with all that’s happening around the globe.  

Moreover, since you can obtain any type of information you need while browsing, you’ll save a lot of time that you would have otherwise spent visiting the library and reading extensive encyclopedias. You can search for anything related to your topic of study, assignment, or quiz on the internet.

In addition, if your school mandates that you take online classes, you’ll require a strong internet connection. With it, you can be sure that you can easily interact and communicate with your teacher virtually and don’t miss any lectures.

To avoid finding yourself in a situation where you have to run to an area with free Wi-Fi or a friend's house to log in to the online class, have it installed in your apartment. Internet deals have become less expensive recently and it’s easier to find broadband offers that have been tailored to fit your needs. They're pretty affordable and have fast upload and download speeds.

Also, if you've not understood a concept taught in class and need further tutoring, you can simply download online study apps like KnoTextbooks, which you can use for research to get more insight. 

If your school utilizes e-learning tools like Google Classroom as its learning platform, a reliable internet connection will enable you to access it. You don’t have to hire a private tutor to provide you with academic support because technology will make life easier for learners like you.

Another way the internet helps create a fun learning environment in your student housing is that you can have discussions online with your peers about your schoolwork. You don't have to leave your apartment and go to the campus to discuss lessons or projects with them. The only thing you have to do is agree on the time and schedule a meeting. 

One tremendous benefit of such online discussions is that you can share your screen and explain a formula, equation, or concept to your group members. This will help enhance your understanding, and you'll perform better in school.

3. Try And Incorporate Ways For Noise Management

It’s always essential for students to find a peaceful area to study in. It not only improves their focus but also makes it possible for them to produce excellent work.

Therefore, you must seek out measures to reduce the noise that enters your room if you want to have a fun learning environment. Some of the ways in which you can do this include:

  • Moving your book cabinet to the wall to block sound from coming in.
  • Hanging textile like a tapestry on the wall to absorb noise.
  • Using a thick carpet or rug to cover your floor and reduce the effect of loud noise. If possible, use a carpet that'll cover the whole floor, especially if it's hardwood.
  • Placing your study table a few meters away from the walls to minimize the chances of hearing any noise from outside. 
  • Hanging thick curtains which acts as a buffer that isolates noise.
  • Fixing and sealing your doors if they have gaps to minimize the entry of loud sounds into your room.

The idea is to create an environment that'll enable you to study with peace of mind. The quieter the place, the more fun your learning experience is. 

4. Consider Your Room's Ventilation

It's essential that you avoid a room with little to no ventilation. Otherwise, you may start sweating due to excessively high temperatures. Moreover, you’ll be putting yourself at risk of breathing in dry air since poor ventilation lowers your apartment’s humidity level.

Aside from having a negative effect on your study patterns, staying in a poorly ventilated house can adversely affect your health. You may start having dry skin, allergies, respiratory issues, runny nose, itchy skin, and a sore throat.  Due to this, you’ll find it difficult to focus when you have to take an online lesson.

Sadly, many students don't know the importance of room ventilation. Thus, they tend to ignore this factor mostly because they’re unaware of the potential health risks associated with spending extended periods of time in such a place. So, before settling into an apartment, make sure to check for sufficient ventilation to preserve your health.

If you're currently residing in one with poor ventilation, you can consider moving to another house. If this option doesn't work for you, consider purchasing a fan to help regulate the air in your house. Opening your doors or windows from time to time will also help maintain the proper air circulation in your room.

5. Ensure Your House Is Tidy

There is nothing more distracting than residing in a student apartment that's disorganized and cluttered. No matter how comfortable or high quality your desk or chair is, having a messy room will hinder your ability to focus. Therefore, cleaning should be part of your daily chores. 

A clean space helps in enhancing your mental stability, which is directly tied to your overall academic success. The presence of clutter around your house can cause stress and interfere with various brain processes, making it difficult to concentrate and retain information. 

Hence, you should try your best to maintain a spotless room at all times. Here are some examples of the things that you can do to keep your apartment tidy and avoid clutter:

  • Dispose of your garbage twice or thrice a week.
  • Make sure you’ve done the dishes before you go to bed.
  • Get rid of or donate items that you no longer need like magazines, clothes, or books.
  • After washing and drying your clothes, fold them immediately and place them in the closet. 
  • Clean your room regularly.
  • Purchase laundry bins for your dirty clothes and storage boxes for things that you rarely use.
  • Invest in a shoe rack to keep your shoes organized.

If your apartment has limited space, do your best to bring as few items as possible. Remember to always group them into categories to make it easier to find what you need. By using a peg board panel, you may free up space on your desk and have storage for items you frequently use, such as pens, chargers, and notepads. 

6. Try And Use Proper Lighting

It's essential that you ensure that your student apartment has conducive lighting. Avoid reading in extremely bright or low light because it will impair your eyesight. So, to effectively illuminate your reading material, you should choose the proper type of bulb.

When purchasing light bulbs, you can ask the store manager to direct you to the ones that are energy efficient and good for studying at night. Using the bulb in a desk lamp is an alternative if you don’t want to utilize it as a ceiling light. Go for the one with your most preferred price, shape, and design, to help you enjoy your learning experience. 

If you like studying in the daytime, you should place your study table close to a window to be able to access natural light. You need to note that the more you study in natural light, the better your learning and performance will be.

7. Use Room Decors

Maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your room is essential whether you're studying abroad under a scholarship program or in your own country. Since you’ll be living in your student apartment for the majority of your college years, you need to find creative ways to make it both functional and comfortable. 

In this regard, you can try using different decorations to make your space look more appealing and fun to learn in. Some of the ways you can do this include: 

  • Using wallpaper in your favorite color
  • Placing flowers in different parts of your room
  • Using framed artwork
  • Hanging pinboards on the wall
  • Placing personalized cushions on your bed or chair

You can also decorate your space with indoor plants since they’ve been proven to reduce stress and enhance creativity levels. Moreover, they can help improve air circulation in your room.  

All the methods mentioned above can improve the aesthetics of your room and motivate you to learn. You can start implementing some of them right now, and you’ll see how much better your learning environment becomes.


When you start college, you'll want to have a student house where you'll not only feel comfortable staying but also enjoy learning. Some ways to create a fun learning environment include adding decorations, installing proper lighting, having stable internet connection, and making sure that your space is well-organized.  Proper ventilation is also crucial in helping you attain a conducive living space. 

If you follow any of the above-mentioned tips, you can be confident that learning is going to be easy and that you’ll achieve great results.