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Getting A Government Job

Employment opportunities exist in all 50 states and overseas. You may be surprised to learn — as I was when I started researching this blog post — that 84% of federal jobs are located outside Washington, D.C. This could be the ideal moment to look for one.

Why Federal Jobs May Open Up

According to the Office of Personnel Management, there are 2.3 million federal civilian employees — and about a quarter of them are eligible for retirement. As agencies begin to lose these older workers, they’ll look for experienced replacements. Many federal departments lack the bench strength to fill these slots internally, so you just may be the ideal candidate.

Admittedly, the enormous federal deficit could lead Congress and the president to cut the U.S. government’s workforce as part of a plan to deal with the budget crisis. It’s impossible at this moment to predict how many positions might be trimmed or which agencies would be most affected. More >

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