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Courageous Persuaders Scholarship

Scholarship Deadline: February 11, 2016
Scholarship Value: $3,000
Number of Scholarships - 14

1. Your commercial must be 30 seconds long or less, and your message must be about the dangers of underage drinking or the dangers of texting while driving. Students can enter separate videos in both categories. Middle School classrooms are your target audience.

2. There are two ways you may enter your commercial: (a) Upload video entry to the Internet (i.e., YouTube, Vimeo, or SchoolTube) along with the completion of the online entry form; or (b) you can mail the entry form and DVD/VHS to Courageous Persuaders, 1900 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 100, Troy MI 48084.

3. Deadline is 5:00 p.m. Thursday, February 11, 2016. Your entry must either be submitted online or postmarked by this date.

4. More than one commercial may be submitted by one student.

5. Should your commercial be selected as a winning entry, please save all original work.

6. You may enter as an individual or as a team. All team members listed on the entry form must be a high school student, in grades 9-12 (ages 19 and under) and a United States or Canadian citizen attending a United States (or U.S. territories) or Canadian high school. Team members are decided by the team captain. Team members must be listed on the entry form. Should your commercial be selected as a winning entry, the scholarship money would be divided evenly among all team members listed on the entry form.