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Hancock Scholarship

Scholarship Deadline: March 15, 2018
Scholarship Value: $5,500
Number of Scholarships - 1

Student Eligibility Requirements:

1) U.S. Resident

2) Open to all applicants - freshman through senior

3) Required major: mechanical engineering

4) GPA requirements: 3.5 for high school applicants and a 3.0 cumulative college GPA for upperclassmen

5) SAT/ACT requirement: Applicant must have a Total SAT score of 1220 or higher and/or an ACT composite score of 27 or above

6) Required documents include: official high school transcript and/or college transcripts; SAT/ACT scores; completed FAFSA form; two letters of recommendation - one from an advisor of a related extracurricular activity; and an essay that outlines financial need and career interest

7) Other: preference given to Kettering University students; participation in extracurricular activities relating to academic degree or career intent (such as, but not limited to, CDS projects) that indicates leadership potential