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Microsoft disAbility Scholarship

Scholarship Deadline: March 15, 2019
Scholarship Value: $20,000
Number of Scholarships - 10

To be eligible for the Microsoft disAbility Scholarship you must:

1) Be a current high school senior living with a disability (as defined by WHO), whether that be visual, hearing, mobility, cognitive, speech or other disability.

2) Plan to attend an undergraduate program in a 2 or 4-year University/College or Technical College in the fall of the academic year following high-school graduation. Schools must be in the USA or have a USA-Affiliate for financial transactions (contact Seattle Foundation to verify non-USA school's eligibility).

3) Declare an approved major in engineering, computer science, computer information systems, law, business, or a related field (e.g. paralegal, pre-law, finance, business administration, or marketing).

4) Demonstrate a passion for technology.

5) Demonstrate leadership at school and/or in the community.

6) Have a high school cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

7) Require financial assistance to attend college.

8) Enrollment status must be full-time or half-time.