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Project Yellow Light Video Scholarship

Scholarship Deadline: April 1, 2018
Scholarship Value: $5,000
Number of Scholarships - 6

Create a video EITHER exactly :25 or exactly :55 seconds.

Your Audience: Young drivers who are new to the road.

Your Topic/Brief: Stop distracted driving, specifically texting while driving. Young drivers are often overly confident in their own abilities to text and drive, but think it's dangerous when others engage in this behavior. People think they are the exception, but no one is special enough to text and drive.

A lot of texting and driving prevention creative uses scare tactics or preachy messaging that addresses the consequences of texting and driving (crashes or death), but we want you to address what motivates people to think they can safely text and drive.

Please note that you should not include logos or branding - or mention of logos or branding - in your video, design, or radio spot.