National Spanish Examination Scholarships

Scholarship Sponsored by National Spanish Examinations

Value: $2,000
Awards Available: 60

Pursuant to its mission, the National Spanish Examination (NSE), a program of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP), is committed to recognizing student achievement and promoting language proficiency in the study of Spanish. To this end, NSE will offer to 2021 graduates up to FIVE (5) scholarships of $2000, and up to THIRTY (30) scholarships of $1000.


For the 2021 scholarships, applicants MUST:

A) Be a 2021 graduating senior

B) Have scored at or above the 75th percentile on the 2020 NSE - Level III or above

C) Have scored at or above the 75th percentile on the 2021 NSE - Level IV or above


1. Only ONE (1) student per school may apply

2. Schools administering 201-400 examinations may nominate two (2) students, and schools administering more than 400 examinations may nominate three (3) students.

3. Teachers at participating schools must select the applicant(s) from their own school.

4. Students may also apply for scholarships from SHH, NSE's sister organization, but may only be awarded a scholarship from ONE of the AATSP programs.

5. If a student does not attend university during the fall semester following graduation from high school, the scholarship is forfeited and may not be postponed to another year.


The proposals will be reviewed in June and July and the recipient will be notified around August 1, 2021.

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