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Full Circle Scholarship

Scholarship Sponsored by American Indian College Fund

Value: $15,000
Awards Available: 650
Deadline : May 31, 2023

The American Indian College Fund provides scholarships to American Indian and Alaska Native college students enrolled in certificate, undergraduate, or graduate program at tribal colleges and other nonprofit, accredited schools.


To be eligible, students must be an enrolled member (or a descendant of one) of a federally or state-recognized tribe while demonstrating a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 and maintaining full-time enrollment.

Documentation Needed to Apply

  • Digital photo – a headshot or photograph of yourself
  • Tribal affiliation – Enrolled members should provide proof of their tribal enrollment (or CIB). Descendants prove descent by providing a copy of their parent/grandparent’s enrollment information and a copy of the student’s birth certificate
  • Transcript – Most recent high school or college unofficial transcript

How do I demonstrate my Tribal Affiliation?

  • Applicants can prove eligibility by providing documentation of tribal enrollment or descendancy from a tribally enrolled parent or grandparent.
  • Tribal enrollment – Any member of a state or federally recognized tribe or Alaska Native village is eligible to apply for a scholarship. Acceptable documentation can include tribal ID, CIB, letter from your tribe.
  • Descendancy – To be eligible based on descendancy, you must provide tribal enrollment documentation of your parent(s) or immediate grandparent(s) and birth certificate(s) that connect you to the parent/grandparent. You can learn more about enrollment by contacting your tribe or visiting the Bureau of Indian Affairs website at

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