Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program

Scholarship Sponsored by South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

Value: $29,200
Awards Available: 10
Deadline : Apr 15, 2022

The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is a merit-based program established in 1988 and is administered by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. The annual award amount for the freshman year is up to $6,700. The award amount for the sophomore, junior and senior years is up to $7,500 per year. Half of the Scholarship is awarded in the fall term and half in the spring. The Scholarship must be applied directly toward the cost of attendance, less any other gift aid received. Assuming continued eligibility, Palmetto Fellows may receive scholarship funding for a maximum of eight consecutive terms of full-time study toward the first bachelor's degree or ten consecutive terms of full-time study toward the first approved five-year bachelor's degree at an eligible four-year institution in South Carolina.

Purpose of the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship:

A) RECOGNIZE the most academically talented high school seniors in S.C.;

B) ENCOURAGE academically talented students to attend college in the State; and

C) RETAIN talented minority students who might otherwise pursue studies outside the State.

Initial Eligibility Requirements:

General Requirements:

In order to be eligible to apply for a Palmetto Fellows Scholarship, a high school senior must also meet all of the following general eligibility requirements:

1) Be enrolled in an approved SC public or private high school, an approved SC home school program of study or a preparatory high school located outside the State while a dependent of a legal resident of South Carolina;

2) Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (green card holder) at the time of high school graduation and be a legal resident of South Carolina as defined in applicable State statutes governing the determination of residency for tuition and fee purposes at the time of high school graduation;

3) Be seriously considering attending, have applied, or have been accepted for admission to an eligible four-year institution in South Carolina;

4) Certify that he/she has never been convicted of any felonies and has not been convicted of any second or subsequent alcohol or other drug-related misdemeanor offenses within the past academic year by submitting a signed affidavit to the college financial aid office; and

5) Cannot be a recipient of the LIFE Scholarship, SC HOPE Scholarship or Lottery Tuition Assistance in the same academic year.

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