Donaghey Scholars Program

Scholarship Sponsored by University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Scholarship Value: $90,000
Awards Available: 25
Award Deadline : Mar 01, 2021

The Donaghey Scholars Program is the honors program open to all majors at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. With a generous financial package, interdisciplinary core curriculum, study abroad, and supportive community, the Donaghey Scholars Program offers a distinctive learning environment for undergraduate studies.

The program virtually replaces the University's core courses with an interdisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking through the reading of primary texts, writing, and discussion. As the campus-wide honors program, the Donaghey Scholars Program builds a strong foundation for students to pursue their major areas of study at UALR.

This is a highly selective honors program enrolling 25 new scholars each year. Open to all students and majors. Submit required credentials as well as two letters of recommendation. Two 800-1,000 word essays (include citations as necessary). Topics choices: 1. How do you define a scholar? Why do you believe you are one? What do you think the Donaghey Scholars Program will do for you? How do you envision the contribution you will one day make to society? 2. Choose an issue about which you are passionate. Why do you feel that it is important? Take a position on the issue and defend it.

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