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Riley Burnell Criminal Justice Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Sponsored by Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation

Value: $2,500
Awards Available: 1
Deadline : Jan 15, 2022

Fund Description

The purpose of the Riley Burnell Criminal Justice Memorial Scholarship Fund is to honor the memory of Riley Burnell by awarding a college scholarship to a student from Koochiching County who is interested in pursuing a career in the criminal justice system. Recipients selected shall be those who best exemplify the characteristics of and the life led by Riley Burnell.

Application Criteria

For a student to be eligible for the scholarship, he or she must be a resident of Koochiching County and must plan to pursue a career in the criminal justice system. It is preferred that the recipient attend a college to obtain a four year degree. However, students entering a program that provides other training necessary in order to pursue a career in law enforcement, such as practical law enforcement skills training courses, are also eligible to apply for the scholarship. The recipient shall have exhibited a good high school academic record, with preference for a student who completes high school with a grade point average of at least 3.0.

Recipients shall be selected by the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation's Scholarship Committee or its designee. The Committee is instructed to select the applicant who most closely exemplifies the principles and experiences by which Riley Burnell lived his life.

Keeping in mind that the scholarship is designed to honor the life of Riley Burnell and all he lived for, preference shall be given to students who wish to enter a career in law enforcement, but students who wish to pursue careers in other criminal justice fields such as corrections officer, conservation officer, probation officer, and border patrol officer (this is not an exclusive or exhaustive list) may also be considered as scholarship recipients. Because of the importance of personal integrity in the life of a law enforcement officer, letters of recommendation will be particularly important in determining awards. Additionally, the Committee is instructed to consider the financial need and extracurricular/community activities of the applicant when making its selection.

Awards Given from Fund

Scholarships (of about $2500/year), co-payable to the student and institution will be awarded each year. Generally, this annual award is divided into two installments--half for fall, half for spring. Scholarships are not renewable, but former recipients are eligible to reapply.

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