Maryland State Fair Scholarships

Scholarship Sponsored by Maryland State Fair

Value: $2,000
Awards Available: 5
Deadline : Jun 01, 2021 Deadline Estimated

The Maryland State Fair will sponsor four (4) $2,000.00 scholarships in honor of F. Grove Miller to Maryland youth who are enrolled in a four-year college, post secondary college or trade school, and one (1) $2,000.00 scholarship in memory of Marlin K. Hoff to a Maryland youth who has carried a dairy project and is enrolled in a four-year college, post secondary college or trade school.

General Information:

A) These scholarships are available to all permanent residents of the State of Maryland who exhibited at the previous year's Maryland State Fair.

B) Students must be pursuing a degree at the college of their choice, enrolled in a post secondary college or enrolled in a trade school. Students must provide proof of enrollment to the Maryland State Fair Office by August 1st of the academic year in which the scholarship is awarded.

C) The scholarships are available to students entering their freshman through senior year of college.

D) Individuals may apply for both the F. Grove Miller State Fair Scholarship and The Marlin K. Hoff Scholarship. Individuals may submit applications for both scholarships, but are ONLY eligible to be the recipient of one (1) scholarship in the same year.

E) Students are eligible to win a maximum of two (2) Maryland State Fair sponsored scholarships; two (2) F. Grove Miller State Fair Scholarships or one (1) F. Grove Miller State Fair Scholarship and one (1) Marlin K. Hoff Scholarship. Again, students may NOT be the recipient of both scholarships in the same year.

Be sure to check each scholarship for specifics related to eligibility.

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