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Girls Impact the World Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Sponsored by ConnectHER Film Ffestival

Value: $5,000
Awards Available: 12

Students enrolled in high school or undergraduate programs are qualified to enter. If chosen as a finalist, filmmakers must provide proof of enrollment at their school/university. (Special circumstances may be considered for youth who are not in school.) Filmmakers must be 25 years old or under by the submission date of January 20, 2021.

How many films can I enter?

You may enter up to two films as long as they address two separate topics.

What topics can I choose from?

You may choose from a range of topics that address critical issues impacting women and girls.

What are the basic requirements for a Girls Impact the World film?

A) Films must be 3-6 minutes long

B) Film file formats accepted: .mov and .mp4

C) They must focus on a Girls Impact the World topic and/or propose solutions to one critical challenge within that topic Films must be created after January 1, 2020.

D) Be an original film that does NOT contain copyrighted material.

E) Original work should never be a copy or remake of another film. All Girls Impact the World Film Festival film submission must be original works made entirely by students. That means that scripts and storyboards, directing, cinematography, editing, etc., must be done by students aged 25 and under although teachers and advisers can offer input. Actors and film subjects may be non-students.

F) Powerpoints will not be accepted.

G) Films should have some cinematic value. Don't film yourself talking about a subject in front of a camera. We won't accept those.

H) We highly encourage filmmakers to tell stories that are relevant in their own communities and/or geographic regions. You can see topics that we accept here.

I) At the end of your film, please add a slide that lists at least two organizations that are working on solutions to the issue(s) that you address. Include the final GITW end marker.


1) Judges' Choice

The Judges' Choice Award winner is selected by our distinguished panel of judges. Judges include Hollywood producer Elizabeth Avellan, writer/director/producer Richard Curtis, United Nations High-Level Commissioner Alaa Murabit, and actor/environmental activist Ian Somerhalder.

Winners will receive $5,000. 1st runner up will receive $2,500.

2) Let Girls Learn

Around the world 130 million school-age girls are not in school. That's a big loss, because educating girls is one of the best ways to end poverty and oppression. When girls go to school, they delay marriage, have healthier children, earn more money, and make sure that their own girls get an education. It's a win-win solution!

The Let Girls Learn Award recognizes a short film that tells a story about educating girls in the developing world.

Winner will receive $1,000.

3) Green IS

Do you have a passion for environmental and women's issues? Is there is a woman environmental hero who inspires you? The Green IS Environmental Film Award recognizes a short film that shines a light on an environmental issue that impacts women and girls globally-and considers solutions. Submit a film about one story or issue and spread the word!

Winner will receive $2,500.

4) Global Impact

Film is a powerful way to spread ideas and speed solutions to the world's most pressing problems. The Global Impact Award was created to recognize a film that raises awareness about issues affecting women and girls around the world, from maternal mortality and violence against women to child marriage and sex trafficking.

We are looking for films that shine a light on a solution. Have you heard about an idea that has a big impact on the lives of women and girls-or that you think has the potential to have a big impact? Do you know of a person or an organization that is making a difference? Find stories worth telling and spread the idea!

Winner will receive $2,500.

5) Girls in Tech

This Girls in Tech is presented for a short film that focuses on women and girls in technology and other STEM fields. Women and girls face challenges in the high-paying but male-dominated fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. But women and girls are finding solutions-from mentoring to STEM clubs for girls-to help overcome the confidence gap and succeed.

Films can feature an inspiring girl or role model who studies or works in a STEM field or focus on a solution to the gender gap.

Winner will receive $2,000.

6) Most Innovative Solution

The Most Innovative Solution Award recognizes a film that shines a light on solutions to a problem faced by women and girls. For example, do you know of a program that offers innovative livelihood training for poor women in remote villages? Or a girl who is pushing for tougher legislation to stop sex trafficking? Or an innovative method of addressing social issues? Submit a film about a forward-thinking solution to a woman's issue-from maternal mortality and girls' education to child marriage and female genital mutilation-and help spread the word!

Winner will receive $1,000.

7) Honest Beauty

The Honest Beauty Award recognizes a film that challenges cultural messages about beauty and offers a more holistic view of what makes a person beautiful. Television, movies, magazines, and social media send a steady stream of glamorous images that pressure girls to conform to unrealistic cultural notions about beauty. This has a huge negative impact on women and girls' self-esteem. We also welcome submissions on wellness and mental health or a film that focuses on an invincible other-abled girl or woman.

Winner will receive $2,500.

8) Stand Up Men

The Stand Up Men Award recognizes a film that celebrates men who are taking a stand for women's rights. With the rise of #MeToo, we want to start a conversation about men who are doing the right thing by taking a stand against oppression and harassment of women.

Winner will receive $2,500.

9) GEMS' Choice

The Gems Choice Award winner is chosen by the Gems, an elite group of major donors to Connecther, producer of the Girls Impact the World Film Festival. These donors are committed to advancing women and girls globally.

Winner will receive $1,000.

10) People's Choice

This award goes to the most popular film selected by our viewers on our Gallery. Our judges will choose the winner from among the 10 films with the most popular votes.

Winner will receive $2,500.

11) Best Film Production

The Best Film Production Award recognizes a film with high production values based on such criteria as cinematography and film editing. All submissions should focus on issues that impact women and girls globally. Look at the other film awards to get an idea of the kinds of topics we cover.

Winner will receive $1,000.

12) Ending Violence Against Women

About 1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced physical and/or sexual violence, according to the World Health Organization. This award was created to focus on people or initiatives to end this global scourge, which impacts women in every part of the world.

Winner will receive $1,000.

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