Act Six Indianapolis

Scholarship Sponsored by Shepherd Community Center

Value: $195,000
Awards Available: 14
Deadline : Nov 02, 2021

Indianapolis's only full-tuition, full-need scholarship. Act Six brings together diverse, multicultural cadres of young people who want to use their college education to make a difference on campus and in their communities.



A) Love your community and want to use your college education to make a difference as a leader on campus and at home;

B) Will graduate from high school in 2022, or previously graduated in 2021 or 2020;

C) Are not currently enrolled at a four-year college (students at two-year colleges may apply);

D) Live in one of our seven Act Six program sites; and

E) Want to attend at least one of the Act Six partner colleges in your program site.

While ethnicity and family income are considered as factors in selecting an intentionally diverse group of scholars, there are no income restrictions, and students from all racial and ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

There is no minimum GPA requirement and admissions standards vary across our partner colleges. In general, applicants with a GPA below 3.0 will need to demonstrate their readiness for academic success in college through their recommendations, essays and/or test scores.

Application Components and Process

Act Six now utilizes Common App to make the application process more efficient for applicants and the recommenders who support them. The information provided to Act Six through Common App can also be used to apply to more than 900 colleges across the country.

The Act Six application consists of three major components, which must all be submitted by the November 2 deadline. Details and instructions for each component are available at the bottom of this page.

A) Act Six Application, which includes:

Contact and demographic information
College preferences
Two Act Six essays
Financial summary

B) Common App, which includes:

Profile and family information
Education background and optional testing results
Activities list
Personal essay

C) Common App Recommendations, which include:

School report
Teacher evaluation
Community evaluation

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