Trotter Project Scholarships

Scholarship Sponsored by Trotter Project

Value: $10,000
Awards Available: 10

The Trotter Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to continuing Chef Charlie Trotter's legacy through mentorship and scholarship programs for youth interested in agriculture, culinary arts and/or hospitality.

Scholarship Opportunities:

A) The Farmer Lee Jones Scholarship

This $10,000 award will be given to agricultural students attending any accredited college/university in the U.S.

The Farmer Lee Jones scholarship is named for James Beard Award winner Farmer Lee Jones, a longtime friend of Chef Charlie Trotter and supporter of The Trotter Project. Farmer Lee Jones is committed to sustainable agricultural practices at his family's 300-acre farm and is the founder of The Chef's Garden, through which he works with chefs all over the world to provide flavorful, high quality vegetables, microgreens, edible flowers and more.

B) Homaro Cantu Scholarship:

This $10,000 award, named in honor of The Trotter Project's founding president, recognizes outstanding culinary arts/hospitality management students attending any accredited college/university in the U.S.

C) Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship:

Up to $10,000 is awarded to incoming nontraditional or current culinary arts/hospitality students enrolled in an accredited college/university who demonstrate financial need.

Eligibility Requirements:

A) Must have 2.5 or higher G.P.A. (unweighted)

B) Must be a high school senior, incoming, or current college student to qualify for scholarships.

C) Culinary Arts, Baking/Pastry, Hospitality Management or Agriculture student

D) Complete online application

Must submit the following documents:

A) Resume highlighting community service, jobs/internships.

B) Transcript displaying cumulative G.P.A. weighted/unweighted.

C) Letter of recommendation from someone who can discuss candidate's academic achievements and/or character.

D) Video expressing how you pursue excellence, your interest in culinary arts/hospitality and long-term goals. This is your opportunity to express individuality/creativity, passion, commitment, and any other positive qualities. Videos should not exceed three minutes.

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