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Women in Trades Scholarship

Scholarship Sponsored by TransAlta

Value: $2,500
Awards Available: 5

TransAlta is committed to investing in our communities through meaningful contributions and enhancing the quality of life where our employees work and live. With this in mind, we are introducing TransAlta’s Women in Trades Scholarship, valued at up to $2,500 for eligible students entering in post-secondary trade programs or apprenticeships. The program aims to assist women in obtaining an education in trades by showcasing and rewarding successful female role models.

Eligibility & selection criteria

  • You identify as a woman;
  • You are a Canadian, Australian or American citizen or permanent resident;
  • You are enrolled in a post-secondary trades program or an applied apprenticeship program;
  • You maintain satisfactory academic standing throughout your program;
  • You have a plan for achieving your education and career goals;
  • You are committed to updating TransAlta on your progress throughout your program; and
  • You complete and provide the information as requested by TransAlta.

When selecting award recipients, the selection committee will consider the following criteria:

  • The applicant is enrolled in a program of study or applied apprenticeship program that supports TransAlta’s operations;
  • The applicant has sufficient academic success and career goals;
  • The applicant may be a current student/intern at TransAlta;
  • The applicant may be a dependent of a TransAlta employee;
  • The applicant has a history of community and volunteer participation; and
  • The applicant’s essay content.

Essay requirements

Please submit a maximum 500-word essay detailing:

  • Your academic and career goals
  • Any information on community involvement and volunteerism, including any leadership roles
  • How you plan to use your education to give back to the women in the community
  • How you plan to keep TransAlta informed of your progress in school
  • Why you should be the recipient of the bursary 

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